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TH 1.5 II Violino is an extraordinary tweeter featuring a 34 mm CCAW single layer voice coil combining light weight, stability at lower frequencies and total absence of musical transients compression.The extremely powerful custom N38 H-grade Neodymium magnet provides 1.67 T*m in the magnetic gap for superb dynamic response and very low distortion in the whole frequency range.The exclusive air-loading system resulting in a resonance frequency below 800 Hz, for filter set-up starting as low as 1.5 kHz “ 12dB/Oct. The 38 mm natural silk dome has been optimized with extensive material characterization, laser vibrometer scanning and Finite Element Analysis methods for a smooth and extended response. The frequency response is extended up to 26 kHz and is optimized for off-axis installation.The tuning System featuring two types of electro-acoustic load: bottom case or bottom disk according to targets of highest performance as well as flexibility of in-car integration.TH 1.5 II violino features a full solid metal construction structure with each part exclusively designed and produced for the Audison TH 1.5 II.The FEM (Finite Element Method) optimized faceplate and front spokes improve the dispersion pattern. Audison eID technology provides TH 1.5 II traceability starting from the manufacturing stage up to the owner.



Size38 mm
Power Handling - Peak200 W
Power Handling Crossover(Hi-Pass filtered @ 1,8kHz - 12 dB Oct.)
Impedance6 Ohm
Frequency Response800 ÷ 26k Hz
Magnet MaterialNEODYMIUM
Voice Coil Ø34 mm



Re6.1 Ohm
Fs780 Hz
Vas0.019 l
Mms0.43 g
Cms0.09 mm/N
BL3.32 T•m
Diaphragm Area38 cm2
Le Standard0.025 mH
Reference Efficiency92.5
Spl92.5 dB

Audison TH 1.5 II violino Tweeter Set

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