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APK 570 systems is ideal for car models with doors equipped to house elliptical speakers featuring 5×7 in. woofers and AP 1 tweeter with dedicated crossovers APCX TW 570.The crossovers are ultra-compact to facilitate their installation, and include an attenuation of the tweeter output level for outstanding fine-tuning.The R&D team optimized the electro-acoustic parameters of the new woofers for installation in the car door, respecting all the characteristics of the Prima speakers, such as the compact size of the basket to facilitate installation.The mechanical cut-off of the woofer cone-dust cap system ensures they can be used without a filter, maximizing efficiency to be easily driven by any type of amplifier.The large voice coil ensures high power handling and impeccable control even in the most aggressive dynamic transients.The double Faston connectors with direct link to the tweeter speed up the speakers connection, always ensuring a perfect contact.



Woofer Size570 mm
Tweeter Size26 mm
Woofer Voice Coil Diameter32 mm
Tweeter Voice Coil Diameter20 mm
Crossover TypeHP 6 dB Oct - 3kHz
Magnet Size Woofer85 x 40 x 15
Power Handling - Peak300 W
Power Handling - Continuous100 W
Impedance4 Ohm
Frequency Response55 - 20 k
Woofer Cone Diameter139 mm
Xmax Woofer2.5 mm



Re Woofer3.1 Ohm
Fs Woofer70 Hz
Le Woofer mH @ 1 kHz0.23
Vas Woofer10.5 l
Mms Woofer14.5 g
Cms Woofer0.32
Bxl Woofer4.6
Qts Woofer0.85
Qms Woofer6.5
Qes Tweeter2,78
Spl Woofer93.5 dB

Audison APK 570 5x7 Component Set

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