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AF M8.14 bit boasts eight high-fidelity amplified channels 90W x 8 @4Ω, 140W x 8 @2Ω* with the audiophile sound of the latest generation Audison D-Class technology. Higher switching frequencies, steeper filtering, and higher-tolerance components deliver sound above and beyond the expectation of Class D – in an amazingly compact package! This is combined with native DSP working at 24 bit/96 kHz, extending the audio band up to 40 kHz and earning the coveted High-Resolution certification. Bridging channel pairs results in 280W x 4 @4Ω*, guaranteeing flexible and powerful performance. Support for the Audison B-CON’s Absolute Volume function guarantees maximum bit depth, even with wireless connections!*Output Continuous Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD, all channels driven.NEXT-GENERATION TUNING CAPABILITIES FOR MAXIMUM CONTROLAudison’s completely-new bit Drive PC software can analyze, route, and correct the signal in completely new ways – now you can measure, mix, and finally tune the sound with one powerful tool! The new Graphical User Interface simplifies every control and function, integrating acoustic measurement, and ensuring efficient tuning and great sound! The Acoustic RTA is integrated into the equalizer graph, and is compatible with your USB microphone or sound card. The Final EQ function allows final equalization without damaging the delicate left/right frequency relationships. The six processed preamp outputs are in addition to the eight amplified channels, allowing Forza’s DSP section to manage a larger system easily.ADVANCED OEM INTEGRATION CAPABILITIESForza’s eight analog inputs, plus an optical Toslink digital input, support total connectivity even with the most complex OEM systems.  If more analog inputs are required, the optional F4IN expansion card adds four additional analog input channels! If a Coaxial SPDIF or a second Toslink SPDIF input is needed, the optional F2O expansion card can be used. Audison’s classic de-EQ process is joined by de-Time and de-Phase capabilities, enabling sound restoration in nearly every OEM system., The electrical signal analysis ensures proper integration and correction for each input and output channel. The built-in universal speaker simulation technology (USS) yields maximum compatibility with any OEM Source, without muting or instability.AF M8.14 bit includes a set of six high-quality cables supplied with a protective printed strip placed upstream of the Molex connectors to increase the resistance to torsion.



Power supply voltage / fuse11 ÷ 15 VDC / 2 x 30A
Operating power supply voltage6.5 ÷ 17.5 VDC
Idling current1.5 A
Standby Current Draw1.7 mA
Consumption @ 14.4 VDC, 2Ω, Max Musical Power55 A
Remote IN4 ÷15 VDC (1 mA)
Remote OUT6.5 ÷15 VDC (150 mA)
ART - Automatic Remote Turn on/ off from OUTPUT BTL speakers1.5 VDC
Efficiency Rated Power82%



Distortion - THD @ 1 kHz, 4Ω, 70% Rated Power0.05%
Bandwidth @ -1.5 dB10 Hz ÷ 42 kHz
Damping factor @ 1 kHz, 4Ω, 2 VRMS100
S/N ratio (A weighted @ 1 V Input) Master Input98.5 dBA
S/N ratio (A weighted @ 1 V Input) Optical Input105
Total Power RMS1120 W
Minimum load impedance8Ch: 2Ω | 4Ch – (Bridge 1/2; 3/4; 5/6; 7/8): 4Ω
Output Continuous Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD• 8 Ch @ 4Ω: 90 W x 8

• 8 Ch @ 2Ω: 140 W x 8

• 4Ch (Bridge 1/2; 3/4; 5/6; 7/8) @ 4Ω: 280 W x 4
Adjustable CrossoverYes



Pre-In Inputs0.6 ÷ 6 VRMS (15 kΩ Imp.)
Digital InputYes
Pre Outputs6
Hi Level Inputs8
Low Level Inputs8
Speaker-In Inputs2.2 ÷ 22 VRMS (5 Ω Imp.)
Digital IN1 x Optical S/PDIF; Max 192 kHz / 24 bit + 1 x Optical/Coaxial S/PDIF with optional F2O card
Sub Out (RCA Pre Out)5V RMS



Audio DSP ConverterAnalog Devices ADAU1467 automotive qualified audio processor.

Processing @ 96 kHz.Analog Devices 3 x ADAU1978 (4ch) and ADAU1966A (16ch) A/D and D/A converters (24 bit/192 kHz) providing very high level performance
Filter typeFull / High-Pass / Low-Pass / Band-Pass
Filter mode and slopeLinkwitz-Riley @ 12/24/36/48 dB/Oct.
Butterworth @ 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB/Oct.
Bessel @ 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB/Oct.
Chebyshev @ 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB/Oct.
QLP @ 6 dB/Oct.
Crossover frequency20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
Phase control0° / 180°, All-Pass filters
Analog Input Equalizer (20 ÷ 20k Hz)12 Biquad + Delay
Output EqualizerParametric/Graphic Biquad: 15 poles, 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
Time Alignment Distance0 ÷ 510 cm / 0 ÷ 200.8 inches
Time Alignment Delay0 ÷ 15 ms
Input Output Real Time Audio MonitorRTA

Audison AF M8.14 bit Eight Channel w/DSP

$1,699.00 Regular Price
$1,650.00Sale Price
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