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Optimized for use with GS Series midrange speakers and crossovers in active or passive systems, the GS10 includes many of the same features as the top of the line GB10. The GS10 includes a 1″ fabric dome for silky-smooth high frequencies without the high frequency ringing common to metal and plastic domes. It includes a 1″ voice coil wound on an aluminum former and immersed in a ferrofluid-filled gap for high power handling. Distortion is reduced and high frequency response extended with an inductance reducing copper pole piece cap. An additional bucking magnet above the copper cap increases sensitivity and a small closed cell foam pad above the bucking magnet eliminates reflections between the back of the dome and the motor to smooth the frequency response.


Like the GB10, the GS10 includes an installation kit that can be used by DIYers and professionals alike to create the perfect custom or OEM-look installation.


  • 1″ (25 mm) fabric dome
  • 1″ (25 mm) voice coil on aluminum former
    Ferrofluid-filled gap for superior heat dissipation and increased damping at resonance
  • Neodymium motor with copper pole piece cap
  • Bucking magnet for increased sensitivity
  • Reflection-absorbing and diffusing foam pad under diaphragm for smooth frequency response
  • Screw terminals
  • Industry-leading mounting kit included
    Hex screws and tools included
  • Designed for use with GS40, GS60, GS410C and GS610C
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω
  • RMS Power Handling: 70 W (with recommended crossover)
  • Peak Power Handling: 200 W (with recommended crossover)
  • Frequency Response: 1.8 kHz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity (2.83V / 1M): 92 dB
  • Recommended Amplifier RMS Power Range: 15 W – 75 W
  • Recommended High Pass Filter Frequency and Slope: ≥ 3.5 kHz, ≥ 12 dB/oct

Audiofrog GS10 Tweeter Set - Closeout

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