What is the new TUNGSTEN-Series: The TUNGSTEN-Series was developed in-house by the same engineering team that brought you the BILLET and STEEL Series. We took our years of research and development experience to set a goal of producing an amplifier at a reduced manufacturing cost without compromising sound quality. The outcome is the TUNGSTEN-Series offers a perfect blend of power, refinement, and cost. Engineered for musical authenticity that transcends standard amplifiers, it attains a level of fidelity that is unrivaled at its given price point all the while being Made In The USA.


Putting The Concept Into Motion: It all started with the idea to offer an amplifier with a compact design for those hard-to-fit applications without sacrificing the meticulous sound quality and reliability demanded by our discerning audiophile base. We used a calculated sequence of SMD and thru-hole parts in order to offer the best combination of performance and sound quality but at a reduced cost. Nothing was spent on gimmicky circuits or useless features. A classic Class A/B "Balls To The Wall" amplifier with no thermal rollback. Pairing the clean well thought circuit design with a 4 layer circuit board allowed us to further enhance the signal paths to achieve an immense level of detail with incredible dynamics.


Design: All connections were laid out along onside of the amplifier to provide for an ultra-clean installation with the ease of making adjustments. The heat-sink is a thermally optimized multi-piece design that offers sleek classic lines. Just like our BILLET Series the extruded aluminum is all sourced locally and is not the cheap die-cast pot metal from overseas used by many competitors. Each heat-sink is black anodized and CNC-machined locally for a precision fit and finish. The diamond head impact printer engraved badges are made in-house and show the level of detail given to even the smallest piece of the puzzle.


What you Get: An amplifier that has the DNA of the BILLET-Series that is simply unique in size, power, and quality. The TUNGSTEN-Series is a Made In The USA amplifier producing incredibly detailed musical output, while never losing its sonic signature. Our compact design combines the ease of installation with tremendous sound quality and power.


Bottom line: The TUNGSTEN-Series whether you need an amplifier big or small is one of the finest amplifiers you will ever experience at its price point. It is an amplifier that creates a new standard for both the novice and experienced audiophile. With world-class fidelity, amazing sonic transparency, and dynamic power, it has all the offerings that can satisfy any audiophile. For those taking the next step or their first step into exceptional audio, the TUNGSTEN-Series is where it all begins.


The Tungsten line is available in three different performance trim levels, S, iS, and RS:


S (Standard) level is the factory level for the Tungsten line. It features a 4-layer board, class A 100MHz pre-drive stage, low ESR capacitors, and silver-plated contact switches.


iS (Upgrade 1) level is an upgraded version from the S level. It features upgraded Burr Brown OP-Amps, upgraded filter capacitors, and more overall capacitance.


RS (Upgrade 2) level is the absolute pinnacle of the Tungsten line being an upgrade from the iS level. It features upgraded Burr-Brown OP-Amps (one per channel), upgraded Rubycon/Nichicon capacitors, and more overall capacitance. 


Note: Tungsten four-channel amplifiers are built non-bridgeable in order to optimize power efficiency and sound quality. If you would prefer this option, please send us an email or give us a call so we can help you customize your new amplifier. 


Want a custom heatsink color?

The stock color for the Tungsten amplifier is metallic grey. Additional heatsink colors are available for an additional charge ($260). Select one of the optional colors or give us a call if you would like one not listed. All Tungsten amplifier heatsinks are powder coated using Cardinal powder coating systems. Please allow up to 7 additional business days to fulfill any optional heatsink color request. 


Each amplifier is hand-built at the Tru Technologies headquarters in Las Angeles. The typical build time per amplifier is 5-15 business days. 


CHANNELS: 4 Channels
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz ~ 30kHz ± 0.5dB
4Ω STEREO RMS: 120W x 4 or 150W x 4 (High Voltage Model)
2Ω STEREO RMS: 180W x 4 or N/A (High Voltage Model)
T.H.D. + NOISE: < 1%
FUSE REQUIREMENT: 100 Amp (External)
DIMENSION (W x H x D): 11 x 15.5 x 2 1/4 inch
WEIGHT: 13.26 lbs. /6.02Kg

Tru Technology Tungsten Grande TG4 v2 Four Channel