Powerbass ALC-4 Line Out

The ALC-4 is a premium 4-channel LOC (Line Output Converter) for integrating factory OEM radios with high level outputs to aftermarket amplifiers with low level inputs.


Using high quality low tolerance components and SMD (Surface Mount Devices) Technology  the high level factory OEM radio output signal is converted to a low level signal while increasing the output voltage up to 13Vrms to deliver them to the amplifier inputs with no gain loss.



  • 4-Channel High to Low Level Active Converter
  • 2CH/4CH Selector Switch
  • Front/Rear High Level Inputs
  • Front/Rear Variable Gain
  • Front/Rear RCA Low Level Output
  • LED Clipping Indicator
  • Includes Wired Variable Remote Level Control (Rear)
  • Auto Turn-On Circuitry 
  • Variable 13Vrms Output
    $90.00 Regular Price
    $58.50Sale Price

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