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If you're custom-building a Morel Elate Carbon 3-way component system and you're not using an active crossover, you'll need a pair of Morel's MXT380C crossovers. These crossovers ensure that the speakers in your system receive the right frequencies for premium performance. You can set two different levels for the tweeter and midrange driver to control the overall tone in your vehicle. Plus, if you have plans to bi-amp your components, Morel lets you do that too.


  • pair of passive crossovers networks for Morel Elate Carbon components
  • designed for use with a 3-way system
  • crossover point:
    • midrange: 450 Hz at 12 dB per octave
    • tweeter: 2700 Hz at 12 dB per octave
  • bi-amp capable
  • tweeter adjustment: -2 dB, +2 dB
  • midrange adjustment: 0, -2 dB


This item can be back-ordered.

Morel MXT380C Crossover

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