The MPS amplifiers were developed with proper, audiophile-grade components to ensure the highest-level performance.


  • The MPS incorporate fully balanced differential inputs that provide superior noise rejection and can endure up to 20 volts of signal input, allowing even factory speaker-level signal to be accepted through the RCA connections.
  • High fidelity Texas Instruments OP amps and ultra-low tolerance surface mount components keep the integrity of the audio signal as pure as possible.
  • Protection and thermal management are managed via an onboard microprocessor, allowing our engineers to design the amplifier without the need for internal fuses that can impede power delivery to the power supply.


With installers in mind, our new amplifiers provide a unique feature set and installation-friendly design. Each model uses a single-sided circuit layout with all connections on one side of the amplifier, making installation simple and clean.  Preamp tuning and setting options are located discretely under a removable panel at the top of the amplifier.


MPS AMPLIFIERS MPS 4.400 MPS 1.550 MPS 5.950
RMS POWER @ 14V      
4 Ohm 4 x 70W 1 x 350W 4 x 70W + 1 x 350W
2 Ohm 4 x 100W 1 x 550W 4 x 100W + 1 x 550W
THD+N 0.05% 0.15% 0.05% (main) 0.15% (sub)
Frequency Response (main) 10Hz-30kHz N/A 10Hz-30kHz
Frequency Response (sub) N/A 10-220Hz N/A
S/N Ratio (Rated Power, A-weighted) 100dB 100dB 100dB
Damping Factor >100 >150 >100 (main), >150 (sub)
Selectable Input Range Yes (x1/x2) Yes (x1x4) Yes (x1/x2/x4)
Filters (main) HP/LP, 40Hz-400Hz N/A HP/LP, 40Hz-400Hz
Filters (sub) N/A LP, 40-220Hz LP, 40-220Hz
Subwoofer Level Control No YES, 0-20dB YES, 0-20dB
Subsonic Filter No Selectable Off/25Hz/35Hz Selectable Off/25Hz/35Hz
DIMENSIONS (H x W x L) 2" (51mm) x 6.7" (170mm) x 12.39" (314.5mm) 2" (51mm) x 6.7" (170mm) x 8.44" (214.5mm) 2" (51mm) x 6.7" (170mm) x 18.29" (464.5mm)



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Morel MPS 4.400 Four Channel