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The Elate Carbon MM3 is a true masterpiece. The dedicated 3.5” midrange combines a large 2.1-inch voice coil and Morel’s EVC motor design which encapsulates a highly efficient neodymium magnet system, and the newly developed triple layer carbon fiber/Rohacell cone. With exceptional power handling and low fs, the MM3 is capable of playing lower in frequency than other midrange of its size, while striking the right balance of acoustic and mechanical attributes to offer a very flat frequency response, beautifully smooth midrange and tonal balance.


CARBON FIBER CONE - Derived from the drivers of our award-winning fat lady speaker system, this cone design is comprised of two exterior carbon fiber skins sandwiching a layer of Rohacell, a high strength, featherweight foam. The combination forms a cone that is light, strong and properly damped for naturally uncolored audio reproduction.


NEODYMIUM MAGNET - The most powerful magnet available, neodymium enables Morel to create physically compact speakers, such as tweeters and midrange, that fit in very limited spaces without limiting the quality of sound.


LOTUS GRILLE - The new Morel grille has a specific pattern of holes in different shapes and diameters engineered to minimize the “horn” effect (high-frequency peak caused by the resonant frequency of multiple same-size holes). Innovative metal processing enabled the construction of a very thin nearly transparent grille that hardly affects the sound at all frequencies whilst maintaining structural integrity to protect the drivers.


Nominal Impendance (ohm)4
Power Handling Wrms120
Max. Trans. Pwr Handling Wrms (10ms)400
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1M) dB87
Frequency Response Hz90 - 6000
FS Hz88
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch)54 (2.125)
Voice Coil FormerAluminium
Voice Coil WireHexatechTM aluminium
DC Resistance ohm3
Magnet SystemNeodymium Rear Vented
ConeTypeOne-piece formed
Cone MaterialDPC
Unit Diameter mm (inch)100.00 (3.9)
Mounting Dept mm (inch)38.00 (1.5)
Mounting Cutout mm (inch)83 (3.3)
Net Weight Kg (lb)0.38 (0.83)



This item can be back-ordered.

Morel Elate Carbon MM3 3.5" Midrange Driver Set

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