Ground Zero GZUA 2.250SQ-PLUS Two Channel

Ground Zero GZUA 2.250SQ-PLUS Two Channel

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The GZAU plus series of amplifier offered by Ground Zero have been rated among the finest in the world, no joke. Rated by hifitest, car & hifi, and several other well known organizations as one of the top 5 reference amplifiers ever built (photos above of a review on the 6 channel version). The plus series gives you the ability to set the bias of the amplifier (it lets you set the amplifier to run in class a/b or class a for better sound quality). The casing has been cut from a block of aluminum and polished as well as anodized to give it a copper color look. The amplifier features a variable crossover with plenty of options to let you run component speakers active without the use of a passive crossover. Given the amplifiers overbuilt, robust power supply and efficient heat-sink, you can even run each channel down to 1 ohm or bridge both channels down to 2 ohm.


  • 2-channel SQ amplifier
  • Variable BIAS setting
  • Class AB technology
  • Variable active crossover with bypass function
  • 2 ohms stable in bridged mode
  • Stable power supply
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Flat heatsink with engraved Ground Zero lettering
  • Bass remote control included
  • Suitable for high quality SQ setups






Output Power (@ 4Ω)

2x 180 Watts RMS

Output Power (@ 2Ω)

2x 320 Watts RMS

Output Power (@ 1Ω)

2x 500 Watts RMS

max. Output Power (CEA-2006A / 10%THD+N)

1200 Watts

Frequency Response

10 Hz – 30 kHz


● / ● / ●

Bass Boost / Phasenregelung

● / ●

Remote Control

BIAS Setting


Dimensions (b x l x h)

209 x 360 x 46 mm



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