The new AP F8.9 bit is the ideal for the most demanding integration projects, where high power is required along with the flexibility of the nine-channel DSP. The word “Forza”, meaning “Power” in Italian, well describes the 8 x 85 W RMS and 4 x 260 in bridge mode (RMS @ 4Ω), with optimal power to size ratio. The integrated processor is equipped with dedicated software and 7 pre-configured presets for a Plug & Sound experience. Thanks to the built-in Audison USS technology (Universal Speakers Simulator), AP F8.9 bit can also be correctly connected to head-units with “speaker load detection” function that monitors the presence of a low-impedance load to enable the audio outputs.


Based on the roaring success of the original Prima-Series AP 8.9 bit eight-channel amplifier, Audison has announced a successor with even more features and performance in the form of the Prima Forza AP F8.9 bit. This new amplifier adds additional power to each of its eight channels, includes an integrated digital signal processor (DSP), and adds support for the iDatalink Maestro AR integration module and enhanced OEM integration features. The result is an easy-to-install upgrade solution that works with almost any vehicle.


The AP F8.9 bit measures 9.37 by 6.1 inches and stands only 1.95 inches tall. All connections, including signal inputs, speaker outputs, and the eight-gauge power connections, are made along the front edge of the amplifier to ensure a clean and tidy installation in even the most cramped locations.


The AP F8.9 bit includes a nine-channel DSP that includes input signal de-equalization along with system configuration and tuning options like a 10-band parametric equalizer, signal delay up to 15 mSec in 1.1-inch steps and flexible electronic crossovers on each channel. This amplifier is compatible with the Audison bit Tune processor that provides authorized retailers an efficient and reliable way to configure your new sound system for optimal imaging and natural frequency response.


A rotary control on the amp provides quick access to eight preconfigured presets to speed up the installation process. Audison also offers vehicle-specific configurations from its online database for use with its BMW, Mini, Volkswagen and Ford F-150 Sound Pack upgrades.


The optional DRC MP remote control is compatible with the AP F8.9 bit to serve as a master volume control, a bass level control and to provide access to the two configuration presets. Your installer can integrate the DRC MP into your dash or center console to make adjusting your sound system safe and easy while you drive.


Load Imp. 8 Channels 4 Channels (bridge)
4 Ohm   85 W x 8 260 W x 4
2 Ohm

130 W x 8



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Audison APF8.9 bit Eight Channel W/DSP