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Audio Dynamics speakers were designed to reproduce music with ultimate accuracy. They have spent countless hours testing different cone materials that could stay rigid throughout extreme excursions and allow the speaker to maintain efficiency with incredible sound quality. Ultimately, they chose a cotton cloth and glass fiber composite honeycomb cone. They also incorporated a new S roll surround, shorting ring, and 35mm voice coil. After careful consideration, titanium was chosen as the tweeter dome material for its ability to produce a very clean, dynamic output while sounding very smooth. Well-designed titanium dome tweeters also bring advantages such as more power handling due to the heat dissipation properties of the metal dome. This component set handles extreme power while delivering very dynamic and effortless mid-bass as well as smooth, detailed high frequencies, more so than any Audio Dynamic set ever created. 


Note: This is an active component set meaning it does not include any passive crossovers. It was designed to be specifically used with a high-quality DSP (Digital Sound Processor).



  • 6 1/2 in (166mm) mid/woofer and 1 in tweeter component set
  • Cotton cloth and glass fiber composite honeycomb cone
  • Rubber S roll surround for extreme excursion capability
  • 1 3/8 in (35 mm) voice coil
  • Large gauge push pin terminals
  • Shorting ring for extended response
  • 1 in (25.4mm) Titanium tweeter
  • Highest quality titanium
  • Cast aluminum case
  • 250 Watts RMS power handling*

* All power ratings are figured using an electronic high pass crossover with a minimum crossover point of 60Hz at 24dB/Octave, 80Hz at 18dB/Octave, or 100Hz at 12dB/Octave.


Midbass Dimensions:

  • Frame Outer Diameter 6 1/2" (166mm)
  • Grille Outer Diameter 7 3/16" (182mm)
  • Motor Outer Diameter 3 15/16" (100mm)
  • Grille Protrusion 15/16" (23mm)
  • Mounting Hole Diameter 5 5/8" (142mm)
  • Mounting Depth 2 7/8" (73mm)


Tweeter Dimensions:

  • Outer Case Diameter 2 3/16in / 55mm
  • Flush Mounting Depth 13/16in / 19.6mm
  • Flush Mounting Diameter 1 7/8in / 48mm
  • Flush Mount Protrusion 1/4in / 6mm


Midbass T/S Parameters:

  • Fs 63.420 Hz
  • Qms 2.530
  • Vas 10.760 l
  • Cms 0.453 mm/N
  • Mms 13.740 g
  • Rms 2.188 kg/s
  • Dia 128.300 mm
  • Sd 129.284 cm²
  • Qes 0.520
  • Re 3.376 Ω
  • Le 0.127 mH
  • Z 4.051 Ω
  • Bl 5.962 Tm
  • Bl²/Re 10.529 N²/W
  • Qts 0.431 no 0.509 %
  • SPL 89.214 dB


Tweeter T/S Parameters:

  • Fs 1259.000 Hz
  • Qms 1.054
  • Qes 2.587
  • Re 3.433 Ω
  • Le 0.1026 mH
  • Z 4.832 Ω
  • Qts 0.7488

Audio Dynamics CS653 6.5" Component Set

This item is in stock and ready to purchase. In store Pickup. Please call for more information.
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