Coming Soon! Sound Express Speaker Line

We are excited to announce we will soon release an exclusive line of high quality, phenomenal sounding speakers. The SE line is both engineered and built here, in the United States, by CDT Audio and Sound Express using high-quality components.

CDT Audio is based out of Buelton, California. Owner and engineer, Kenneth Persson, has extensive experience building highly acclaimed audio solutions, several of which have been rated amongst the best in the world. With over four decades of product design within the car and home audio industry, Kenneth and his crew know what it takes to manufacturer a fantastic sounding speaker.


Sound Express is based out of Cedar Hill, Texas. With years of installation experience and product exposure, we have learned what is needed to create a first-class, reference quality product. With the assistance of CDT Audio, we have designed, tested, and fabricated a truly esoteric like product without the esoteric pricing. We are proud to say each speaker is hand-assembled and packaged both in California and Texas.

Sound Express USA

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