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Ground Zero was founded back in 1995 by Karl Felix Lautner distributing car audio products made in the USA. In 2003 GROUND ZERO GmbH took over all global trademarks from the discontinued US company and expanded the distribution to customers worldwide. Today, more than 400 sophisticated audio products are developed and designed at the Ground Zero in-house engineering department. The product range includes speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and further digital audio equipment for enthusiastic customers. Satisfying high demands and quality, Ground Zero carefully monitors every step of the production starting at the development phase using only top-notch tools and highly accurate measurement equipment such as the laser-controlled KLIPPEL® system. Amplifier measurements are precisely measured with equipment by Audio Precision® with the results corresponding to the acknowledged CEA 2006-A standard. Without exceptions, every single product is evaluated by extensive testing and quality control prior to its final production release and market launch.

Ground Zero
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