CDT Audio has been a key player within the speaker design industry since the late 1970s, designing speakers all around the world for OEM clients. In 1999, Kenneth Persson decided it was time to come out with a dedicated brand, producing high-quality, handcrafted speakers. Simply, speakers built by fanatics, for fanatics. CDT Audio currently has a three-tiered product lineup. The budget-priced "CL" or "Classic Series", the middle-priced "HD" or "High Definition Series", and the flagship, the "ES" or "Eurosport Series". Soon, CDT and Sound Express will be releasing the new SE line, the pinnacle of high-resolution audio. All series are designed for outstandingly neutral, natural, and pure sound, but always with incredible inner detail and dynamic range. CDT Audio has consistently been voted the "world's finest" by Hi-Fi magazines all over the globe.